Test And Evaluation About Asus Ux32vd

Test And Evaluation About Asus Ux32vd

Unlike other PCs, Ultrabook is lighter, thinner and more beautiful. Yet, to have this design is not easy because it has paid heavy price-it has to give up some preferable choices in terms of ports and internal equipments.

That's why we are very excited when hearing UX32vd for the first time. It has no difference with Ultradbook UX31A in appearance except its fatness. However, along with its built-in Nvidia GeForce GT620M and 500GB hardware as well as many ports for selections, UX32vd becomes an exciting one among Ultrabook series launched recently.
So, how is UX32vd? Let's read the followings.

The UX32vd we have in hand for test is the same as those on sales. It is installed with an i5-3317U, the third generation of Core i processor, a 4GB internal storage and an Nvidia GeForce GT620M. Yet, the pity is, ASUS, to make the price acceptable, chooses the TN screen in 1,366-by-768 resolution instead of the Full HD screen of 1,920-by-1080 that we saw when testing UX21. That's why the UX32vd is merely named Zenbook instead of Zenbook Prime. It is impossible for ASUS to predict whether an UX32vd in Prime version will be launched in Taiwan, China, but ASUS should have a deep thought about it.

It seems that UX32vd and UX31 look the same in appearance. When taking it out from the box, I thought that I took a wrong one. Like UX31A, UX32vd and its rear cover are made of aluminum alloy, which accounts for strong support for its screen and keyboard. There are concentric grains on its front cover, as just what the Zenbook series have. I think it strange to have this design, but after watching it for a little long, I find it pleasant to eyes because it maintains a sense of freshness.

The "belly" of UX32vd is more round than that of UX31 in that it is installed with standard 2.5-inch hardware. Meanwhile, its wedge shaped lines on the side are not so clear to see. This design is not a bad one for UX32vd because the extra space on the side allows it to have more ports than UX31 does. UX32vd not only has 3 USB and a Displayport, but also has a HDMI of standard size. However, owing to the limited space on the side, no RJ45 and VGA are available in UX32vd. Luckily, there are tielines for RJ4 and VGA inside the box. That means users can take the RJ45 and VGA with them for necessary use.

Internal storage
As the SSD of UX31 is in special specification, there is no space for any change in  the contrast, the standard 2.5-inch hardware in UX32vd makes it possible for free purchase for hardware or for updating SSD. But is it difficult to update software? To find the answer, we tear apart the rear panel to have a study after getting permission from ASUS.

The rear panel of UX32 is locked by 12 hexagonal Torx screws. Though the screws are not in shape of "+" or "-", it is not difficult to buy such screws in the market. After twisting off the screws, the rear panel can be picked out without too much effort. Its internal equipments are simple but intensive, with battery in its underneath and mainboard on the top. What make us feel surprised are its devices. The first one is the size of horn and resonance cavity in 13-inch, which is a rare one among PCs. No wonder ASUS keeps emphasizing its acoustic effect. In fact, the quality of the sound is rather good because of its superior volume and its favorable performance in low pitch. What's more, the rumbling vibration produced during watching films can spread onto the keyboard.

The second one is its two fans for heat dissipation. Given the narrow body having to dissipate heat for CPU and GPU, these two fans are indispensable. In actual operation, the sound of the fans is not too loud. The silvery diamond between the battery and fans on the right is the hardware, which is locked by screws in shape of "+". On the right of the hardware is a renewable RAM.

Keyboard and touchpad
These two devices of UX32vd are the same with UX21A; after all, both of them are in the same design. The keyboard and touchpad of UX32vd look like those of MacBook Air, but they are more advanced than those of UX31 in terms of response from keyboard and comfortable degree in typing. Moreover, backlight is added onto UX32vd, which can be adjusted among 4 sections, from close to the maximum brightness. The touchpad of Zenbook is large and cozy with the whole touchpad being the induction zone, including the position of its right and left buttons below. Well, what UX21A adopts is Yilong electronic touchpad, which has made greater improvement than its predecessors.

Now comes the most disappointing part, the screen! The first generation of the 13-inch Zenbood was installed with a screen in 1,600-by-900 resolution, which aroused discussions at that time. However, I don't know why the UX32vd adopts the TN screen of 1,366-by-768 resolution instead of adopting the 1080p IPS screen. Although the screen has a function for anti-light, its optic angle is not so good. In addition, the brightness of images will be seriously affected so long as its deviations overpass 45 degrees, and its color is also affected although the effect is less obvious. Apart from the above, both of its brightness and color will disappear when it is rolled up and down.

Efficiency and electric power
Finally comes the most attracting part. To balance efficiency, heat dissipation and power consumption, ASUS installs the UX32vd with Nvidia GT620, the single display chip. Well, is it superior to Intel HD4000 of IGP? In the test, I had the IGP and GT620 run 3DMark06 respectively. Guess what? The result proves its good performance.

The HD4000 gets a result of 5137, more advance than HD3000, but it is inferior when compared with that of GT620, 8130 marks! Obviously, the GT620 is incompatible to those real game PCs with 15000 or 20000 marks, but it is enough to support playing games in spare time.

Generally speaking, shortage of power seldom happens to the current Ultrabook, the UX32vd is not an exception. Whatever you do, like watching movies, surfing online or disposing words, UX32vd can support the work. It is the 500GB HDD and the internal 24GB SSD that accelerate the frequently-used I/O work. If you keep employing several software of the same kind, the hardware can keep running without any obstacles.

As for its electronic power, UX32vd makes some losses because inside is a common hard dish. In usual settings ( 65% of brightness, starting up Wi-Fi and displaying 108p films continuously), UX32vd works for 4hr13m; but it keeps working for 5hr30m when surfing online alone ( 50% of brightness and starting up Wi-Fi); to support playing games (80% of brightness and using GT620), it only works for half an hour. Of course, its unsatisfactory power performance is under our expectation. Maybe that is one of the concessions ASUS has made in developing the UX32vd.
Last but not least, in the course of playing games, the belly of UX32vd will become hot gradually. But that's a normal phenomenon as the heat doesn't make us feel unendurable. Yet, it is better to put the PC onto a table when playing games.

UX32vd carries forward the features of Ultrabook in light of lightness and thinness. Meanwhile, it makes up for all the imperfections of this series because of its rich ports, a unique single chip and a hard dish of large size and volume. It is inevitable to have this type at the expense of its weight, thickness and electric power. But the differences of weight and thickness are not obvious (1.35 kg vs 1.45kg), while the later one, the electric power, can be improved if done carefully. As its price is reasonable, it is the one that deserves strongest recommending among the current 13-inch Ultrabook series. However, most regretfully is the screen can't be tore apart, thus it is impossible to replace it with the IPS of Full HD. I hope very much ASUS can update UX32vd at least to the resolution of 1,600-by-900. If it manages to do this, no regrets will be.
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